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Welcome to PlanetLab NZ. This project is funded by REANNZ, and carried out by the Network Research Group and the Simulation Research Group. Its main goal is to enable network research groups from New Zealand universities to access PlanetLab. PlanetLab is the global experimental networking facility, designed for conducting cutting-edge research on current and future network technologies, such as Next Generation Networks (NGNs), Next Generation Internet (NGI), Future Internet, etc. Access to PlanetLab totally depends on KAREN (Kiwi Advanced Research & Education Network: high-speed, low-latency, zero-cost/byte networking). By June 2009 PlanetLab NZ consisted of six nodes at three sites: the University of Canterbury, the University of Otago, and the University of Auckland. At the conclusion of the current stage of the project, which is planned for the end of June 2010, an additional six nodes will have been installed at three additional sites: the Auckland University of Technology, the University of Waikato, and Victoria University.

The second PlanetLab Workshop featured in the Chronicle, vol. 44, no. 20, Mar. 2009, page 14.

See also The Chronicle vol. 43, no. 12, August 2008, page 5


  1. Current Participants
  2. 1st PlanetLab NZ Workshop, December 2008
  3. 2nd PlanetLab NZ Workshop, November 2009
  4. Installation Notes
  5. PlanetLab NZ Poster (1.7M PDF)
  6. Activity Log
  7. Minutes of the Meetings of the PlanetLab Canterbury Group
  8. Progress Reports
  9. Research Projects, Publications, and Conference Reports
  10. PlanetLab Research Group Notices

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